Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Broker and Investment Advisor Obligations

You place a great deal of trust in your stockbroker or investment advisor and rely on their expertise to nurture your investments to meet your goals. Investment professionals are held to an extremely high standard of conduct. Their obligations to investors include:

  • Managing your accounts to meet your needs and objectives
  • Keeping you informed of changes in the market
  • Acting timely and sensibly to protect your interests
  • Keeping you informed about completed transactions
  • Explaining the potential risks and impact of each recommend trading strategy

The level of loyalty and care owed to clients by licensed financial professionals will vary depending on what type of accounts you have and your relationship with the broker. For instance, with a discretionary account, the broker can manage your portfolio without your explicit approval for each transaction. However, with a non-discretionary account, the broker breaches their fiduciary duty if they do not:

  • Research every recommendation
  • Make full and complete disclosures
  • Obtain customer approval before making trades
  • Place orders in a timely manner

Our Investment Fraud Attorneys Can Help

When a broker has betrayed your trust and lost your nest egg by providing unsuitable investment advice or otherwise defrauding you, it can be difficult to know where to turn and what to do next.

Our experienced securities fraud attorneys can help you understand your rights and fight to recover your losses.

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