Securities Fraud Investigations

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Securities lawyers at the Levin Law Firm investigate cases of investment and securities fraud for investors across the United States

Thorough investigation, especially in securities fraud cases, is perhaps the most important component of effectively representing investors who loss funds due to fraud. Understanding the ‘architecture' of the fraud and how it got started in the first place is crucial to obtaining justice and ensuring it doesn't happen again.

Carrying out these investigations requires a dedicated team of securities lawyers and support staff who spend countless hours finding out who should take responsibility in a securities fraud case.

Securities lawyers, team(s) of investigators and office support staff at the Levin Law Firm are well qualified to investigate securities fraud anywhere in the U.S.

Larger firms like ours have the resources to conduct these investigations across state boundaries and wherever it leads us. We use information gathered from these investigations to fully represent investors and securities fraud victims.

Some of our prior securities fraud cases included investigation of companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Merrill Lynch, SMH Capital, Max Silberman and the Oppenheimer Champion Income Fund.

Securities lawyers at the Levin Law Firm fully investigate cases and effectively represent victims of securities fraud in the following areas:

•  Stockbroker Fraud

•  Life Insurance

•  Mutual and Hedge Funds

•  Preferred and Auction Rate Securities

•  Financial Sector investigations (general)

If you think you've experienced investment losses due to fraudulent activity, securities lawyers at the Levin Law Firm have the expertise on finding the applicable laws and facts regarding your case.

If you feel you have a case and need to recover your losses, please contact us today using the contact form above, or at (845) 345-1554. To use the form, please complete a brief case evaluation form today and tell us a little bit about your situation. Someone on our staff will be in contact with you soon. We can let you know if a legal case be made on your behalf.

For a more comprehensive look at the types of investigations we have covered, please see the list below.